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The association between a pro driver and a 3D graphic designer allows us to offer you your circuits with your cars, your sponsors and even your own championship on racing simulator!

We realize your projects on order! We can reproduce the circuit of your choice, integrate the car of your dreams and produce everything to create your own simulator. Discover the
sensations of a true rally car and discover what your favorite pilots are experiencing at the wheel of their machines on identical circuits like the Circuit of Albi for example.
We can also make the cars of your choice, both at virtual and real level with this customized simulator. You can recreate your own championship with all the vehicles of your choice, a
selection of realistic circuits and of course put you in the place of a real auto rally driver! We can also customize cars in the colors of your team or company.
We have already realized the Albi Circuit in full for the OTO Driving Simulator, you will be able to discover it by following our news page and by coming to the different events organized by
OTO. Our dynamic simulator is the most realistic on the market, it works with several modes, from beginner to driver on simulator for intense sensations with little technical knowledge, to
the most advanced settings made with the expertise of a professional pilot Demanding and efficient. If you already have equipment, do not hesitate to contact us because Oto-simulator is cross-platform!
Whether you are a car racing enthusiast, a fan of simulators, a team manager, a professional driver, a communication manager, an event manager or a works council, OTO the simulator can
answer all your needs and desires around The race of cars.
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 We have already realized: